Detail of Wedding Chapel Pew Lanterns

Decorated for a Fall Indiana Wedding

Detail of Wedding Church windows

vintage Indiana ceremony site, Historic wedding chapel, Richmond, Indiana Wedding chapel

2009 Indiana Wedding


♥ Vintage Wedding Chapel, Richmond, Indiana ♥

Father and bride stand on the vintage balcony of the historic wedding chapel Richmond, Indiana.
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Photo Compliments of Stacy Wolf Photography
Couple had a vintage wedding ceremony, complete with traditional brass candelabras and roses at the historic Olde North Wedding Chapel, Richmond Indiana wedding ceremony site

Our Indiana wedding venue is picture perfect, as you can see by the many photos pasted on all of our pages.  We strive to give great service, precious memories and many extras included with our wedding packages.  


This historical wedding chapel is so spectacular, it must be shared.  Many of brides have been generous and have left us their flowers in a variety of colors that we are also able to share these with you at no additional cost.  It is another way we are giving back to the community and environment by recycling. 


And why not, what comes around, goes around and we love the idea of multiplying the blessings to as many as possible.   All the while, we are using our resources to preserve and protect the many historical buildings in and around our chapel neighborhood. 


Enjoy your visit to our page and the beauty of the brides and their ceremonies,

 while you dream of your own.

The Olde North Wedding Chapel's Banquet Room, Richmond, Indiana.  Decorated for a Summer wedding.  Lemonade and Barbeque
Summer Wedding with Lemonade

Check out this video made by photographer Craig Bybee, Connersville, Indiana, 

from an October 2010 Wedding at The Olde North Wedding Chapel


♥ Click here to watch video ♥ 


Craig Bybee Photography

Vintage organ pipes in the historic Richmond, Indiana wedding ceremony site, Indiana wedding chapel
The vintage organ pipes have been lovingly restored in the historic Olde North Chapel, Richmond, Indiana
Historic Indiana wedding chapel, Vintage Indiana ceremony site, historic Richmond, Indiana
Horse and carriage await to take the bride away after the vintage wedding ceremony at the historic Olde North Chapel

The Olde North Chapel

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